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Blue Sky and White Clouds Essay

It is undeniable that a blue sky will occasionally have some white clouds and there are some underlying reasons behind this. In this case, people have always wondered why a blue sky contains some white clouds. White clouds will be seen in a blue sky because their water droplets are large enough.


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This means that they always scatter light of other wavelengths (because of the size of ice crystals). In the process, these water droplets will then merge to form white light that is seen in the blue sky. As a matter of fact, there are other seven wavelengths that are always scattered by water droplets to give way for white clouds.

The blue sky is formed when blue light is scattered. This will be done by either oxygen or the wavelength. In this case, blue will be the dominant color in clouds but white clouds are seen after water droplets have scattered independently (Mogil 34).

This is done in the opposite direction of the wavelength thereby becoming white. As droplets scatter, they do not allow light to pass through which makes them to be seen white. This means that thicker clouds will be seen well in a blue sky.

Clouds appear red at sunset because of various reasons. The most notable reason behind this is because of dust and other particles that are always released in air. Whenever the sun is going down, it has to travel longer in the atmosphere which is undisputable.

It should be known that because the atmosphere has a lot of dust and other particles, the sun’s rays are always bended thereby giving rise to the red wavelength that is seen at sunset. In this case, it is quite obvious that the red wavelength comes about as a result of bending (Cox 29).

As a matter of fact, rays are supposed to pass through a large extent unlike the situation at noon thereby justifying these changes. The blue color is always scattered because of the distance since it has a much shorter wavelength. On the other hand, we always see the red light because it has a longer wavelength.


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This means that it will always reach the observer because of this aspect. In conclusion, the sun appears reddish because its wavelength can not be scattered in any way.

The green flash that is seen in some sunsets in Hawaii can be described as the reaction of light. In this case, light is always scattered as time goes by because of the ocean. As a matter of fact, this happens when we have the sun setting over the ocean. Just to explain, the sun occasionally reacts to water from the ocean.

It should be known that water has a different density than air that light is used to. This means that if an individual goes to watch the sky from the western side, he/she will be able to see a flash (Mogil 65). All this aspects can be explained from the refraction of light.

This is because light moves slowly in dense air that is always the characteristic of the ocean. Green is a high frequency light and that is why it curves more as a result of the path. This means that green rays of the setting sun will be visible because red rays are obstructed.

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